One Step At a Time

I really want to work on a couple of things for myself. I don’t know if I will succeed or fail. I don’t know if they will turn out well or go poorly. I only hope along the way I will find the support and strength I need to accomplish them. I want to improve my life again instead. I want to win a battle for once instead of all the negative emotions and thoughts. I love darkness, but not that kind! I don’t want to be overshadowed by them.

I want to make the crossbars for my Marionette, Puppet, Xiaomuou (小木偶) persona.

I want to lose weight. Over all goal would be to get down to 70 kgs again but my starting goal will be to go below 80 kgs.

After I have lost the weight, I want to make the rest of the outfit for my persona.

I want to work on my socialization skills. I don’t need (nor do I want) a million friends. I do, however, want and need a few very close connections to people. I want to apply much more effort to this but I have to get back into the game. I’ve sat alone far too long. I have to remember how to think more about other people again.

I also want to try some different communities or activities. Maybe some will prove to be disappointments or really not for me, but maybe something will prove to be good, or maybe somewhere I will meet someone interesting who sticks around.

I think this is enough of a start. There are many other things I would like to attain, but as they say “One step at at time.”

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JemimusJuly 11th, 2013 at 7:53 am

It sounds very much like the decision process I went through last year. In my case the social and relationship aspect being the main focus.

I hope for both of us that we succeed :)

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